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Acta Horticulturae books 749 - 700

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Nr   Title Place Published
749   I International Symposium on Chamomile Research, Development and Production Presov, Slovak Republic Aug 2007
748   II International Symposium on Acclimatization and Establishment of Micropropagated Plants Cancun, Mexico Aug 2007
747   VIII International Symposium on Protected Cultivation in Mild Winter Climates: Advances in Soil and Soilless Cultivation under Protected Environment Agadir, Morocco Aug 2007
746   International Conference on Quality Management of Fresh Cut Produce Bangkok, Thailand Aug 2007
745   VI International Solanaceae Conference : Genomics Meets Biodiversity Madison, Wisconsin, USA Jun 2007
744   I International Symposium on Human Health Effects of Fruits and Vegetables Québec City, Canada May 2007
743   XXII International Eucarpia Symposium, Section Ornamentals, Breeding for Beauty - Part II Sanremo, Italy May 2007
742   International Conference and Exhibition on Soilless Culture: ICESC 2005 Singapore, Singapore Apr 2007
741   I International Symposium on Fresh Food Quality Standards: Better Food by Quality and Assurance Amman, Jordan Apr 2007
740   I International Symposium on Papaya Genting Highlands, Malaysia Mar 2007
739   II International Symposium on Saffron Biology and Technology Masshad, Iran Apr 2007
738   International Symposium on Biotechnology of Temperate Fruit Crops and Tropical Species Daytona Beach, Florida, USA Mar 2007
737   I International Symposium on Organic Apple and Pear Wolfville, Canada Mar 2007
736   III International Date Palm Conference Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Mar 2007
735   I International Guava Symposium Lucknow, India Mar 2007
734   VIII International Symposium on Plum and Prune Genetics, Breeding and Pomology Lofthus, Norway Feb 2007
733   III International Grapevine Phylloxera Symposium Fremantle, Australia Feb 2007
732   VIII International Symposium on Canopy, Rootstocks and Environmental Physiology in Orchard Systems Budapest, Hungary Feb 2007
731   III International Symposium on Cucurbits Townsville, Australia Jan 2007
730   VI International Symposium on Artichoke, Cardoon and Their Wild Relatives Lorca, Spain Jan 2007
729   III Balkan Symposium on Vegetables and Potatoes Bursa, Turkey Jan 2007
728   V International Congress on Cactus Pear and Cochineal Chapingo, Mexico Dec 2006
727   X International Symposium on Plant Bioregulators in Fruit Production Saltillo, Mexico Nov 2006
726   IV International Symposium on Pistachios and Almonds Teheran, Iran Nov 2006
725   V International Symposium on In Vitro Culture and Horticultural Breeding Debrecen, Hungary Nov 2006
724   IX International Symposium on the Processing Tomato Melbourne, Australia Nov 2006
723   I International Symposium on the Labiatae: Advances in Production, Biotechnology and Utilisation Sanremo, Italy Nov 2006
722   XI International Symposium on Virus Diseases of Ornamental Plants Taichung, Taiwan Oct 2006
721   V International Symposium on Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Plants Talca, Chile Oct 2006
720   IV International Conference on Quality and Safety Issues Related to Botanicals University, MS, USA Oct 2006
719   International Symposium on Greenhouse Cooling Almería, Spain Sep 2006
718   III International Symposium on Models for Plant Growth, Environmental Control and Farm Management in Protected Cultivation (HortiModel 2006) Wageningen, Netherlands Oct 2006
717   XIII International Symposium on Apricot Breeding and Culture Murcia, Spain Sep 2006
716   VII International Protea Research Symposium Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Aug 2006
715   VIII International Symposium on Vaccinium Culture Sevilla, Spain Aug 2006
714   XXII International Eucarpia Symposium, Section Ornamentals, Breeding for Beauty Sanremo, Italy Sep 2006
713   VI International Peach Symposium Santiago, Chile Jul 2006
712   IV International Conference on Managing Quality in Chains - The Integrated View on Fruits and Vegetables Quality Bangkok, Thailand Jun 2006
711   V International Symposium on Artificial Lighting in Horticulture Lillehammer, Norway Jun 2006
710   International Symposium on Greenhouses, Environmental Controls and In-house Mechanization for Crop Production in the Tropics and Sub-Tropics Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia Jun 2006
709   I International Symposium on Natural Preservatives in Food Systems Princeton, USA May 2006
708   V International Strawberry Symposium Coolum, QLD, Australia May 2006
707   VII International Symposium on Modelling in Fruit Research and Orchard Management Copenhagen, Denmark Apr 2006
706   IV International Symposium on Brassicas and XIV Crucifer Genetics Workshop Daejeon, Korea Apr 2006
705   V International Walnut Symposium Sorrento, Italy Mar 2005
704   X International Workshop on Fire Blight Bologna, Italy Feb 2006
703   II International Symposium on Sweetpotato and Cassava: Innovative Technologies for Commercialization Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Feb 2006
702   V International Pineapple Symposium Port Alfred, South Africa Feb 2006
701   XII International Symposium on Apricot Culture and Decline Avignon, France Feb 2006
700   International Symposium Towards Ecologically Sound Fertilisation Strategies for Field Vegetable Production Perugia, Italy Jan 2006
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