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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1144

III International Symposium on Postharvest Pathology: Using Science to Increase Food Availability

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Conveners   A. Ippolito, M. Wisniewski, S. Droby 
Editors   A. Ippolito, S.M. Sanzani, M. Wisniewski, S. Droby 
7 November 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-33-7 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   73 
Place   Bari, Italy 
Online articles:
Science and social media: how to avoid feeding the troll and save your time (L. Mannella)
Genomic tools for developing markers for postharvest disease resistance in Rosaceae fruit crops (M. Wisniewski, J. Norelli, S. Droby, A.-R. Ballester, A. Abdelfattah, E. Levin)
Proteomic and oxi-proteomic response of apple to a compatible (P. expansum) and a non-host (P. digitatum) pathogen (G. Buron-Moles, M. Wisniewski, I. Viñas, N. Teixidó, J. Usall, S. Droby, R. Torres)
Characterizing the interaction between Botrytis cinerea and grapevine inflorescences (Z.M. Haile, P. Sonego, K. Engelen, U. Vrhovsek, P. Tudzynski, E. Baraldi, C. Moser)
Can strawberry volatile emissions influence Botrytis cinerea growth? (F. Neri, L. Cappellin, A. Spadoni, I. Cameldi, A. Algarra Alarcon, F. Gasperi, F. Biasioli, M. Mari)
Transcriptome (ESTs) of native Mexican avocado fruit is dominated by stress and innate immunity genes (R. López-Gómez, L.M. Suáres-Rodríguez, E. Ibarra-Laclette, J.J. Guzmán-Rodríguez, J.E. López-Meza, A. Ochoa-Zarzosa, R. Salgado-Garciglia, L.C. Rodríguez-Zapata, B. Jimenéz-Moraila, L. Herrera-Estrella)
Differential apple transcriptomic responses to Penicillium expansum (pathogen) and Penicillium digitatum (non-host pathogen) infection (L. Vilanova, M. Wisniewski, J. Norelli, I. Viñas, R. Torres, J. Usall, J. Phillips, S. Droby, N. Teixidó)
Ecological fitness of yeasts to control postharvest diseases of fruits and its impact on formulation and practical application (M.H. Jijakli, R. Lahlali)
Unraveling the mechanisms used by antagonistic yeast to control postharvest pathogens on fruit (D. Spadaro, S. Droby)
DNA-based methodologies to detect and quantify the postharvest biocontrol agent Pantoea agglomerans CPA-2 applied on oranges (L. Soto-Muñoz, N. Teixidó, J. Usall, I. Viñas, M. Abadias, R. Torres)
Phyllosphere yeasts with potential for biological control of Botrytis cinerea in rose (Y. Zapata, A. Díaz, E. Grijalba, F. Rodríguez, Y. Elad, A.M. Cotes)
In vitro and in vivo screening of antagonistic bacterial strains from vineyards to control Botrytis cinerea in grapevine tissues (R. Haidar, C. Calvo-Garrido, J. Roudet, T. Gautier, A. Deschamps, M. Fermaud)
Understanding the mechanism of biological control of postharvest phytopathogenic moulds promoted by food isolated yeasts (L. Parafati, A. Vitale, G. Polizzi, C. Restuccia, G. Cirvilleri)
Activity of endophytic fungi from Artemisia absinthium on Botrytis cinerea (S.R. Noumeur, V. Mancini, G. Romanazzi)
Efficacy of Candida oleophila, strain O, in preventing postharvest diseases of fruits (N. Ballet, J.L. Souche, P. Vandekerckove)
Biological control of Botrytis cinerea, Penicillium expansum, and Mucor piriformis on 'Gala' and 'McIntosh' apples using Pseudomonas fluorescens strains (R.L. Wallace, D.L. Hirkala, L.M. Nelson)
Vaporization of biological control organisms in cold storage rooms to control postharvest diseases (T. Vanwalleghem, D. Dekeyser, D. Nuyttens, A. Tsige, P. Verboven, W. Van Hemelrijck, D. Bylemans)
Postharvest diseases of Tuber melanosporum (G. Romanazzi, A. Servili, S. Murolo)
Characterisation of fungal pathogens associated with stem-end rot of avocado fruit in Italy (V. Guarnaccia, D. Aiello, G. Cirvilleri, G. Polizzi, A. Susca, F. Epifani, G. Perrone)
HogA and PacC regulated alternariol biosynthesis by Alternaria alternata is important for successful substrate colonization (R. Geisen, E. Graf, M. Schmidt-Heydt)
Lipid signals in the interaction between mycotoxigenic fungi and their hosts: the case of lipid-derived BVOCS in Aspergillus flavus-maize interaction (V. Scala, M. Scarpari, M. Reverberi, M. Punelli, C. Miccoli, S. La Starza, C. Fanelli, I. Nogués, F. Loreto, M. Michelozzi)
De novo sequencing and detection of secondary metabolite gene clusters of Penicillium griseofulvum (H. Banani, M. Marcet-Houben, A.-R. Ballester, P. Abbruscato, L. González-Candelas, T. Gabaldón, D. Spadaro)
Use of ozone to control conidial germination in ochratoxin A producing black Aspergilli isolated in raisins from Algeria (S. Fodil, T. Yaseen, A.M. DOnghia, L. Varvaro, A. Ricelli)
Effects of spray programs in vineyard and different type of sun-drying system on formation of ochratoxin A on raisins (N. Özaltaca, P. Kinay Teksür)
Chemical and physical methods to reduce aflatoxin contamination in dried chili products in Thailand (Sun. Techawongstien, Suc. Techawongstien)
Identification and characterization of Neofabraea fungi causing bull's eye rot on apple in Poland (M. Michalecka, H. Bryk, A. Poniatowska, P. Seliga, J. Puławska)
Control of postharvest storage rots of apples and pears in The Netherlands (M. Wenneker, J. Köhl, P. van Leeuwen, K. Pham, A. van Schaik)
Heart rot and soft rot of pomegranate fruit in southern Italy (R. Faedda, G. Granata, A. Pane, M. Evoli, V. Lo Giudice, G. Magnano di San Lio, S.O. Cacciola)
Influence of floral morphology and fruit development on internal fruit rot in bell pepper (M. Frans, R. Aerts, B. Van Calenberge, L. Van Herck, J. Ceusters)
Role of two inoculation methods in the expression of anthracnose resistance gene in chili (Capsicum annuum L.) (P. Suwor, P. Thummabenjapone, J. Sanitchon, S. Kumar, S. Techawongstien)
Postharvest fungal diseases of cactus pear fruit in southern Italy (R. Faedda, S. DAquino, G. Granata, A. Pane, A. Palma, S.M. Sanzani, L. Schena, S.O. Cacciola)
Postharvest physiology of floral stem of Verbena bonariensis (S.F. Guimaraes, R.G. Rodrigues-das-Dores, F.L. Finger)
Surveys for Monilinia spp. on stone fruit in central-eastern Italy (L. Landi, E. Feliziani, G. Romanazzi)
The incidence of Neofabraea spp. in 'Pinova' apples can be reduced at elevated storage temperatures (D.A. Neuwald, D. Kittemann)
Postharvest losses by complex of Phytophthora sp. and Botrytis cinerea in long storage pear fruit in the North Patagonia, Argentina (M.C. Sosa, M.C. Lutz, N.C. Lefort, A. Sanchez)
Calyx and stem mould affecting pear fruit cosmetic quality: etiology and management strategies (M.C. Sosa, M.C. Lutz, N.C. Lefort, L. Vera)
Source and spread of fungal pathogens causing crown rot disease in organic bananas (M. Kamel, P. Cortesi, M. Saracchi)
Effect of postharvest treatment and quarantine procedure on organic table grape 'Italia' (F. Lamaj, K. Ismaili, R. Lovino, V. Simeone, V. Verrastro, N. Baser, L. Tarricone)
Impact of ventilation area of the liner bag, in the performance of SO2 generator pads in boxed table grapes (J.L. Henríquez, S. Pinochet)
Effect of irrigation management on field and postharvest quality of organic table grapes (F. Garganese, S.M. Sanzani, A. Ligorio, D. Di Gennaro, L. Tarricone, A. Ippolito)
Sensivity against some fungicides and molecular characterization of Botrytis cinerea isolates on grapes in Aegean region (A. Kaan Selvi, N. Delen, R. Gencer, P. Kinay Teksür)
Potassium silicate: a new organic tool for the control of citrus postharvest green mold (P.A. Moscoso-Ramírez, L. Palou)
UV-C light to reduce decay and improve quality of stored fruit and vegetables: a short review (F. Nigro, A. Ippolito)
Ripening degree affects development of postharvest fungal decay on European plum more than preharvest applications of calcium and fungicides (J. Børve, E. Vangdal)
Investigating the control of the green mould Penicillium digitatum on sweet oranges subjected to steam treatment (A.T. Aborisade, O.M. Akomolafe)
New tools to improve the shelf life of chestnut fruit during storage (M. Ruocco, S. Lanzuise, N. Lombardi, R. Varlese, A. Aliberti, S. Carpenito, S.L. Woo, F. Scala, M. Lorito)
Effects of field treatments with alternatives to conventional fungicides on strawberry fruit quality parameters and postharvest decay (E. Feliziani, L. Landi, G. Romanazzi)
Effect of preharvest solar radiation on apple skin oxidative disorders during cold storage (L.I. Vita, N.F. Gonzalez, G.M. Colavita)
Emission of volatile organic compounds from healthy and diseased onions (A. Wang, F. Casadei, A. Johansen, H. Bukman, M. Edelenbos)
Development of a method for profiling of volatile organic compounds to monitor heat stress in hot water dipped apples (M. Himmelboe, A. Luca, R. de Paulo Rocha, M.G. Bertelsen, M. Edelenbos)
Extracts from wild edible herbs for controlling postharvest rots of fruit and vegetables (M.A. Gatto, A. Ippolito, L. Sergio, D. Di Venere)
Influence of hot water dipping on the fruit quality of organic produced 'Topaz' apples (D.A. Neuwald, D. Kittemann)
Potential application of Portuguese propolis to control blue mould disease in 'Rocha' pear (C. Sánchez, P. Duarte, P. Vasilenko, M. Santos, M. Loebler, A.S. Cruz, M. Gonçalves)
Alternative means to control postharvest blue mould decay of 'Rocha' pears (C. Sánchez, M.M. Ferreira-Pinto, M. Santos, P. Vasilenko, O. Matos)
Influence of postharvest ozone treatment on decay of 'Red Globe' table grapes (T. Yaseen, A. Ricelli, P. Albanese, S. Essakhi, C. Carboni, A.M. DOnghia)
Effects of postharvest brassinolide dipping on quality parameters and antioxidant activity in peach fruit (Y.H. Ge, C.Y. Li, R.X. Tang, R.H. Sun, J.R. Li)
Heat treatments for killing Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae on contaminated kiwifruit pollen (K.R. Everett, M.J. Vergara, I.P.S. Pushparajah)
Natural compounds as antimicrobial agents and their impact on sensory quality of packaged organic leafy greens (J. Wieczyńska, I. Cavoski, U. Kidmose, M. Edelenbos)
Effect of electrolyzed water and continuous ozone exposure on some aspects of clementine quality during conservation (T. Yaseen, E. Damara, P. Albanese, A. Ricelli, C. Carboni, V. Ferri, A.M. DOnghia)
In vitro effects of crab shell chitosan against mycelial growth of Botrytis sp., Penicillium sp. and Pilidiella granati (K. Munhuweyi, C.L. Lennox, J.C. Meitz-Hopkins, O.J. Caleb, G.O. Sigge, U.L. Opara)
Control of blue mould and bitter rot of apples, and brown rot of peaches by Citrus aurantium extract-based product BIOLASTING® (M. Almazán, J.M. Lara, C. Fernández)
Management of the whole process of fresh Egyptian sweet potato prepared for export against soft rot (S.M. El Neshawy)
Postharvest decay control of a "long-storage" tomato landrace using different preharvest treatments (R. Carrieri, M. Parisi, F. Di Dato, P. Tarantino, F. De Vita, R. Perreca, R. Riccardi, E. Lahoz)
Control of Penicillium digitatum on 'Tarocco' orange by combined application of Pseudomonas syringae and resistance inducers (S. Panebianco, A. Vitale, G. Polizzi, C. Restuccia, G. Cirvilleri)
Effects of electrolyzed water on apples: field treatment and postharvest application (V. Ferri, T. Yaseen, A. Ricelli, G. Colelli)
Effect of packaging and storage conditions on some biochemical parameters and microbiological safety of semi-dry tomato (M.A. Gatto, L. Sergio, M. Pieralice, V. Linsalata, L. Spremulli, D. Di Venere)
Alternatives to synthetic fungicides in controlling postharvest anthracnose and stem-end rot in mango (L.C. Karunanayake, G.D. Sinniah, N.K.B. Adikaram, C.L. Abayasekara)
Evaluation of the efficacy of fungicide fludioxonil in the postharvest control of bull's eye rot (Neofabraea alba) in Chile (M. Lolas, G. Díaz, R. Mendez, M. Cáceres, L. Neubauer)
Coniella granati - a new pathogen of pomegranates in Israel - postharvest fungicide screening for control of storage decay (O. Nerya, A. Tzviling, H. Hibrahim, R. Ben-Arie)
Biocomes: new biological products for sustainable farming and forestry (N. Teixidó, A.L. De Cal, J. Usall, B. Guijarro, I. Larena, R. Torres, M. Abadias, J. Köhl)
Apple disinfection: preventing or inducing bias? (M. Naets, W. Keulemans, A. Geeraerd)
Recent advances to control spoilage microorganisms in washing water of fruits and vegetables: the use of electrolyzed water (L. Pinto, F. Baruzzi, A. Ippolito)
Natural compounds: an alternative in postharvest disease control (M. Mari, F. Neri, A. Spadoni)

ISBN-13: 9789462611337

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