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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1141

III International Conference on Fresh-Cut Produce: Maintaining Quality and Safety

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Convener   M.I. Cantwell 
Editor   M.I. Cantwell 
1 October 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-29-0 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   47 
Place   Davis, California, USA 
Online articles:
A QUAFETY approach to quality monitoring and prediction for fresh-cut produce (M.L. Amodio, A. Ferrante, H. Rogers, G. Colelli)
The three responses of plant tissue to wounding (M.E. Saltveit)
Innovations in fresh-cut fruit process lines (A. Turatti)
Physiology and biochemistry of aroma and off-odors in fresh-cut products (C.F. Forney)
Sensory testing tips and procedures to evaluate quality of stored and minimally processed fruits and vegetables (A. Plotto, C.K. Chandler, V. Whitaker, C. Jouquand, J. Bai, J. Narciso, E.A. Baldwin, M.T. Blanco-Díaz, M. Ritenour, J. Li)
Preharvest factors and fresh-cut quality of leafy vegetables (M.I. Gil)
Breeding lettuce for improved fresh-cut processing (R.J. Hayes, I. Simko)
Preparation and handling of fresh-cut root vegetables (M. Edelenbos)
Processing and handling of fresh-cut tropical fruits (M.N. Latifah, I. Ab Aziz, Ab.W. Ruwaida, G. Nur Azlin, A. Siti Aisyah, C.L.Y. Joanna, G. Nur Shafini, M. Fauziah, O. Zaulia, M. Razali)
Temperatures experienced by fresh-cut leafy greens during retail storage and display (W. Brown, E. Ryser, L. Gorman, S. Steinmaus, K. Vorst)
Fresh-cut kale quality and shelf-life in relation to leaf maturity and storage temperature (K. Albornoz, M.I. Cantwell)
Design of the correct modified atmosphere packaging for fresh-cut broccoli raab (M. Cefola, M.L. Amodio, G. Colelli)
Extending postharvest life of ready-to-use zucchini flowers: effects of the atmosphere composition (M. Cefola, M.L. Amodio, G. Colelli)
The use of multivariate analysis as a method for obtaining a more reliable shelf-life estimation of fresh-cut produce: a study on pineapple (M.L. Amodio, A. Derossi, L. Mastrandrea, G.B. Martínez Hernández, G. Colelli)
Overall quality of minimally processed pea seeds stored in modified atmosphere packaging (E. Collado, F. Artés-Hernández, L. Navarro, F. Artés, E. Aguayo, J.A. Fernández, P.A. Gómez)
Quality changes of green vegetable smoothies during shelf-life (N. Castillejo, G.B. Martínez-Hernández, P.A. Gómez, F. Artés, E. Aguayo, C. Sánchez-Álvarez, F. Artés-Hernández)
Quality of waterjet- and blade-cut romaine salad (M.I. Cantwell, A.A.M. Melo, G. Hong, S. Klose)
Fruit ripening conditions affect the quality of sliced red tomatoes (M. Buccheri, M.I. Cantwell)
Impact of modified atmospheres on the vitamin C content of salad-cut romaine and other lettuces (M.I. Cantwell, G. Hong, L. Schmidt, H. Ermen)
Extending shelf-life of minimally processed pumpkin with a carrageenan-based coating (J.L.Y. Cho, M.N. Latifah, S.A.R. Syed Abas, A. Siti Aisyah, O. Zaulia, R. Nur Azlin, M. Pauziah, G. Nur Syafini, M. Hairiyah, M. Habsah, M.Z. Zaipun, M. Nurul Adibah)
Postharvest assessment of undesirable fibrous tissue (choking hazard) in fresh processing carrots using Vis/NIR hyperspectral images (I.R. Donis-González, D.E. Guyer, R. Lu)
Effect of nitrogen concentration in the nutritional solution and harvest time on nitrate content in baby leaf Swiss chard crop in a hydroponic system (D.E. Vanegas, A. Contreras, A.I. Bustamante, M.L. Tapia, L.A. Lizana, V.H. Escalona)
Shelf-life of fresh-cut tomato in relation to cut and fruit types (F. Giuffrida, C. Cassaniti, L. Inserra, A. Malvuccio, C. Restuccia, C. Patanè, C. Leonardi)
Response of vegetable pads of two cactus cultivars to the presence of Salmonella strains (S.L. de la Riva-Álvarez, A.M. Hernández-Anguiano, J.E Corrales-García, H.A. Zavaleta‑Mancera, M. Soto-Hernández, J. Patel)
Quality and physiology of two cultivars of fresh-cut figs in relation to ripeness, storage temperature and controlled atmosphere (G. Hong, C. Crisosto, M.I. Cantwell)
Impact of storage temperatures and modified atmospheres on quality of fresh-peeled garlic cloves (F. Tanamati, G. Hong, M.I. Cantwell)
Sensory and physico-chemical characteristics of minimally processed "early" potato tubers as affected by anti-browning treatments and cultivar (A. Ierna, A. Pellegrino, I. Di Silvestro, M. Buccheri)
Firming and anti-browning agents affect the quality characteristics of fresh-cut guava stored at 5°C (M. Inam-ur-Raheem, N. Huma, A.U. Malik, H.K. Wasim, R.M. Aadil)
Quality and shelf-life of enzymatically peeled and segmented citrus fruits in Japan (H. Izumi, Y. Nakata, A. Inoue, Y. Ozaki)
Comparison of the impact of organic and conventional agricultural practices on the quality and antioxidant activity of Welsh onion (M.-S. Chang, G.-H. Kim)
Comparative evaluation of water footprint and produce losses in ‘Española’ lettuce cultivated under hydroponic and conventional soil systems (W. Kern, M.L. Tapia, V.H. Escalona, L.A. Lizana)
Application of humidity-regulating trays for packaging of fresh strawberry and tomato (G. Rux, P. Mahajan, M. Linke, S. Saengerlaub, A. Pant, O. Caleb, M. Geyer)
Mathematical model for transpiration rate at 100% humidity for designing modified humidity packaging (P. Mahajan, G. Rux, O. Caleb, M. Linke, W. Herppich, M. Geyer)
Modeling ammonia accumulation and color changes of arugula (Diplotaxis tenuifolia) leaves in relation to temperature, storage time and cultivar (L. Mastrandrea, M.L. Amodio, M.I. Cantwell)
Simulation studies for export of minimally processed durian by air shipment to Hong Kong (R. Nur Azlin, M.N. Latifah, A. Siti Aisyah, M. Pauziah, M.Z. Zaipun, M. Nurul Adibah, M.Y. Zainab, M. Hairiyah, M. Habsah, M. Razali, O. Zaulia, G. Nur Syafini, C.L.Y. Joanna, O. Nur Alisha)
Organic acids produced by lactic acid bacteria (Leuconostoc sp.) contribute to sensorial quality loss in modified-atmosphere-packed fresh-cut iceberg lettuce (M.J.M. Paillart, J.M.B.M. van der Vossen, E. Lommen, E. Levin, E.C. Otma, J.C.M.A. Snels, E.J. Woltering)
Minimally processed long-storage Mediterranean tomato: a novel product from traditional crops in the agrifood industry (C. Patanè, A. Pellegrino, A. Malvuccio, L. Siracusa, G. Ruberto, V. Rizzo, F. Giuffrida)
Browning inhibition and microbial control in fresh-cut persimmon (Diospyros kaki 'Rojo Brillante') by apple-pectin-based edible coating and modified atmosphere packaging (E. Sanchís, C. Ghidelli, L. Palou, M.B. Pérez-Gago, C. Sheth, M. Mateo)
Using digital image processing for evaluation of translucency in fresh-cut 'Pérola' pineapple coated with biofilms (R.P. Lima, S.M. Silva, R.L. Dantas, A.L. Dantas, A.S.B. Sousa, W.E. Pereira, R.M.N. Mendonça, G.H.C. Guimarães)
Influence of biodegradable coatings on the volatiles profile of fresh-cut 'Paluma' guava (R.S. Silva, S.M. Silva, F.S.N. Melo, G.H.C. Guimarães, M.S. Madruga, R.P. Lima, R.M. Beaudry)
Influence of an evoked pleasant consumption context on consumers' hedonic evaluation for minimally processed cactus pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) fruit (G. Sortino, A. Allegra, P. Inglese, S. Chironi, M. Ingrassia)
Effects of chemical compounds and hot water on quality of fresh-cut white cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) (S. Valencia-Chamorro, C. Tapia-Peñafiel, M.C. Sotomayor-Grijalva)
Ethanol fumigation can effectively inhibit the browning of fresh-cut burdock (Arctium lappa L.) (T. Dong, Y. Feng, J. Shi, M.I. Cantwell, Y. Guo, Q. Wang)
Control of red discoloration of fresh-cut sunchoke tubers (T. Wang, Q. Wang, F. Pupin, M.I. Cantwell)
Storage of fresh-cut lettuce at light levels below the light compensation point increases sugar levels and greatly prolongs the shelf-life (E.J. Woltering, J.-F. Wang, Y.W. Seifu)
Effective combination treatments to maintain quality and extend the storage-life of minimally processed onion (O. Zaulia, M.N. Azhar, R. Muhd Amin, M. Razali, M.P. Nur Aida, M.R. Bizura Hasida, M.N. Latifah, W.H. Wan Mohd Reza Ikwan, R. Nur Azlin, G. Nur Syafini, A. Siti Aisyah, C.L.Y. Joanna, M. Habsah, S.A.R. Syed Abas, M. Hairiyah, M.Z. Zaipun, S.L. Tham, A.H. Mohamad Fikkri, M. Ismail, M.Y. Zainab, T. Siti Khuzaimah)
Processing of green leaf produce: microorganisms associated with process water and produce (M. Grudén, L. Mogren, B.W. Alsanius)

ISBN-13: 9789462611290

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