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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1132

XVIII International Symposium on Horticultural Economics and Management

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Convener   L. Ekelund Axelson 
Editors   L. Ekelund Axelson, F. Fernqvist 
20 April 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-11-5 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   26 
Place   Alnarp, Sweden 
Online articles:
Domestic and imported fruit consumption frequency among urban dwellers in Ghana (S. Wang, W.J. Florkowski, D.B. Sarpong, M.S. Chinnan, A.V.A. Resurreccion)
Perceived advantages and barriers of buying cut flowers online (C. Schettler, M. Rombach, V. Bitsch)
Determination of part-worth-utilities of food-labels using the choice-based-conjoint-analysis using the example of tomatoes in Germany (S. Meyerding)
Nudging fruit consumption at 11 university canteens in Berlin (A. Bender, K.-W. Brandenburg, K. Reincke, W. Bokelmann)
Poland’s apple sector and the embargo on fruit exports to Russia (A.M. Klepacka, W.J. Florkowski)
Determinants of import demand for Egyptian potatoes in Germany and the United Kingdom (A. Abu Hatab, Y. Surry)
Management of the production and marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables: a case study of Antalya province in Turkey (B. ÷zkan, E. Ilbasmıs, R.G. Brumfield)
Lehman shock and the flower bulb industry in Japan and the Netherlands (Y. Niisato, T. Takeda)
Comparative advantages and EU accession: the case of the NMS vegetables sector (A. JŠmbor, I. Ehret-Berczi)
Crossing the chasm in Dutch greenhouse horticulture: the case of the New Cultivation concept (J.S. Buurma, P.X. Smit)
The positive impacts on Turkish women farmers of an all-female agriculture and business management training pilot program (R.G. Brumfield, B. ÷zkan, J. Carleo)
Improving food and nutritional security in East Africa through African indigenous vegetables: a case study of the horticultural innovation system in Kenya (W. Bokelmann, Z. Ferenczi, E. Gevorgyan)
Integrating responsibility within food supply chains - a conceptual model (J. Jacob-John, N.K. Veerapa)
Implementing technology to improve stakeholder fairness perception (R. Paul, J. Jacob-John)
Management systems of flower-themed tourism in China: a value chain analysis (W.Z. Zhou, Y.Y. Xu, Z.C. Zhou)
Sustainable production of indigenous vegetables for food security: evidence from HORTINLEA survey in Kenya (S.W. Kebede, W. Bokelmann)
A typology of online flower shops on the German market (M. Rombach, V. Bitsch)
Competition on a local market – a historical study of market gardens in Stockholm (I. Olausson)
Hail risk management in fruit production: anti-hail net versus hail insurance in Germany (M. Gandorfer, A. Hartwich, V. Bitsch)
Reasons for low level of organic vegetable production in Finland (A. Koivisto, S. Iivonen, H.-M. Všisšnen, T. Mattila, P. Kivijšrvi)
Effects of early shading of roots of asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) on harvesting time, spring yield and farm income in Republic of Korea (H.T. Seo, Y.J. Kim, E.H. Jang, D.K. Hong, H.M. Kang)
Tracking losses in floriculture crop production (P.R. Fisher, J.C. Vallejo, A.W. Hodges, C.R. Hall)
Dumpster diving in Germany (M. Rombach, V. Bitsch, A. Nellen, M. Salomon)
Food movements and food waste in Germany: Slow Food members’ perspectives (M. Rombach, A. Nellen, V. Bitsch)
Climate-friendly food choices regarding fruit and vegetables: how German consumers perceive their competency and what supporting measures they would prefer (A. Klein, K. Menrad)
Climate labelling and the importance of increased vegetable consumption (L. Ekelund, S. Spendrup)

ISBN-13: 9789462611115

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