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XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): International Symposium on Horticulture in Developing Countries and World Food Production

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Conveners   A. Gracie, M. Taguchi, C. Rogers, F. Appiah 
Editors   A. Gracie, M. Taguchi, C. Rogers, F. Appiah 
25 November 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-41-2 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   48 
Place   Brisbane, Australia 
Online articles:
Horticulture, food security, and the challenge of feeding the world (F.T. Davies, J.E. Bowman)
Nutrient composition and consumer acceptability of bread made with orange sweet potato puree (E.A. Bonsi, R. Zabawa, D. Mortley, C. Bonsi, K. Acheremu, F.C. Amagloh, F.K. Amagloh)
Nutritional composition of breadfruits (Artocarpus spp. and Treculia africana) in Ghana (F. Appiah, I. Oduro, W.O. Ellis)
Interventions for mainstreaming underutilized crop species in developing regions (A. Noorani, R. Nono-Womdim, S. Padulosi, B. Ngwene)
Identifying sustainable technologies that help address the problem of malnutrition (S.K. Kriesemer, K. Schiller, D. Virchow, I. Jordan)
Strategic approaches for research and development of vegetable production in Central Asia and the Caucasus (R. Mavlyanova)
Adoption of banana improvement technologies to curb the HIV-poverty-malnutrition cycle (M.N. Mwangi, G. Wamue-Ngare, J. Muyonga, Z.W. Nganga, A. Manyama)
Planting breadfruit orchards as a climate change adaptation strategy for the Pacific islands (A.M. McGregor, L.D. Tora, V. Lebot)
Inter-generic grafting of watermelon on wild Cucumis species: a success story in nematode management (K.M. Pofu, D. Oelofse, P.W. Mashela)
Contribution of native fruits to alleviation of poverty and malnutrition in rural areas in Mozambique (M.A. Khan, S. Inguane, U. Svanberg)
Corn-faba bean associations in the Peruvian Central Andes (D. Grados, J. Vera, E. Schrevens)
Best-fit approaches to building the capacity of smallholder farmers: cases of public-private partnerships in the fresh tropical vegetable value chain in the Philippines and Cambodia (R. Acosta, G. Banana, L. Lacambra, T.V. Tanquezon, M. Sabijon, A.D. Monreal, M. Gatchalian, C. Cotillas, M. Floresca)
Strengthening an emergent horticulture cluster in Vietnam: interest group and certification trademark (D. Sautier, T.T.L. Nguyên)
Tam Hoa plums (Prunus salicina) in the maize-based system in the North-West Highlands of Vietnam (L.B. Bonney, O. Nicetic, R. Collins, A. `Le Quoc, H. Đặng Thị, T. Hoang Thanh, A. Đào Thế, T.T.H. Nguyen, H. Pham Van)
An integrated approach to a vegetable research, development, extension and training project in a developing country, Papua New Guinea (C.J. Birch, L.B. Bonney, L. Sparrow, R. Doyle, G. Palaniappan, M. Boersma, A. Gracie, B. Chambers)
Diseases commonly affecting vegetables in Eastern Visayas, Philippines, and their incidence under protective structure and in the open field (L.M. Borines, Z.C. Gonzaga, O.B. Capuno, R.G. Gerona, D.C. Lusanta, H.B. Dimabuyu, M.L.P. Vega, G.S. Rogers)
Diamondback moth resistance to insecticides and its management in the Sigatoka Valley, Fiji (F. Atumurirava, N. Nand, M.J. Furlong)
Effect of rootstock types on leaf nutrient composition in three commercial citrus scion cultivars of Pakistan under the ASLP Citrus Project (M.J. Jaskani, W. Shafqat, T. Tahir, T. Khurshid, H. Ur-Rahman, M. Saqib)
Effect of orchard floor management practices on soil physical properties, growth and yield of 'Kinnow' mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) (H. Ur-Rahman, T. Tahir, M. Ahmed, G. Nabi, I. Ali)
Processing methods for canarium nuts in the Pacific (H. Wallace, B. Randall, E. Grant, K. Jones, D. Walton, M. Poienou, T. Nevenimo, J. Moxon, R. Pauku)
The effect of furrow and flood irrigation systems on water use efficiency and yield of sweet orange orchards in Pakistan (W. Ali, T. Khurshid, J. Giddings, G. Nabi)
Identification of Fusarium spp., the causal agent of twisted disease of shallot (A. Lestiyani, A. Wibowo, S. Subandiyah, C. Gambley, S. Ito, S. Harper)
Improving citrus nursery production practices in Pakistan under an Australian aid program (N.J. Donovan, T. Khurshid, S.G. Falivene, J. Bowes)
The effect of boron fertilization on mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) fruit quality (D. Efendi, E. Gunawan, F. Haniawati, M. Andriyanto)
Sustainable vegetable production through the use of low-cost protective structures: a farmer's experience in Bontoc, southern Leyte, Philippines (R.G. Gerona, Z.C. Gonzaga, O.B. Capuno, P.T. Armenia, M.B. Loreto, L.B. Nuñez, L.M. Borines, A.B. Tulin, E.R. Tauza, D.C. Lusanta, H.B. Dimabuyu, M.L.P. Vega, J.S. Mangmang, G.S. Rogers, K.M. Menz)
Reducing disease incidence and increasing productivity of ampalaya (Momordica charantia L.) through pruning and protected cultivation (H.B. Dimabuyu, Z.C. Gonzaga, D.C. Lusanta, J.S. Mangmang, O.B. Capuno, G.S. Rogers)
Leaf surface characters related to resistance against pepper yellow leaf curl disease (D.W. Ganefianti, S. Sujiprihati, M. Syukur, S.H. Hidayat)
Sweet potato in Papua New Guinea: how farmers' perceptions of quality meet with open market demand in Port Moresby (D.E. Irving, H.-S. Chang, J. Kewa, C. Anton, T. Kol)
Extension activities of a citrus project in Pakistan with assistance from the Australian aid program (M.A. Khan, T. Khurshid, M.U. Asif)
Evaluation of sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) scion cultivars on 'Bigarade' rootstock in Malakand division under the ASLP Citrus Project (N. Nisar, A. Samad, G. Nabi, T. Khurshid)
Comparison of furrow and flood irrigation systems in 'Kinnow' mandarin under an Australian aid program (A. Raza, A.R. Khan, A. Rehman, A. Hayat, M.A. Zaka, T. Khurshid)
Integrated site-specific nutrient management for productive, profitable and sustainable vegetable production in marginal uplands in the southern Philippines: the case of cabbage production in Cabintan, Leyte, Philippines (A.B. Tulin, M.B. Galambao, A. Mercado, N. Gonzaga, C. Lapoot, J. Salvani, L. Duna, V. Justo, C.G. Dorahy)
Labour costs are an issue in agriculture in a developing country (D. Benny, C. Gwabu, L.B. Bonney, C.J. Birch)
Role of risks in surviving the global market: evidence from the pineapple sector in Ghana (A. Suzuki)
Feeding strategies of the giant African snail Achatina fulica on papaya in Samoa (R. Kant, S.S. Diarra)
Survey on postharvest losses of vegetables in two selected areas of Bangladesh (M.A. Hossain, A.I. Bokshi, R. McConchie, M.N. Islam, M.A. Rahman, S. Arfin, M. Uddin)
Improved vegetable production systems for community cooperatives in Central Province, Papua New Guinea (P. Seta-Waken, M. Boersma, L. Sparrow, A. Gracie, C.J. Birch)
Supply chain of three vegetables used in canned tuna products (E.R.V. Bayogan, A.T. Lacap)
Improvement of 'King' mandarin (Citrus nobilis) cultivation techniques in southern Vietnam (K. Yuasa, N.V. Hoa, N.M. Chau, K. Ichinose)
The dynamics of smallholders' participation in the commercialization of high-value horticultural crops: a case of vegetable producers in Kenya (B.W. Muriithi, J. von Braun, J.A. Matz, D. Virchow)
Analysing price spreads and net margins of smallholder vegetable farmers in the southern Philippines (R.T. Aguinaldo, J.M.P. Sarmiento, L.N. Digal, C.Q. Balgos, D. Hall)
Advances and challenges in value chain development in 'Kinnow' mandarin and mango industries of Pakistan (A.U. Malik, M. Amin, H.U. Asad)
Potential of Nypa palm as a complementary biomass crop to oil palm in Malaysia (A.K. Hakimien, I. Alshareef, W.K. Ho, A.C. Soh)
Possibilities and constraints of horticulture for development (H4D) - an overview (D. Virchow, C. Husmann, J.D.H. Keatinge)
Mixed cropping of vegetables to improve organic tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) production in small farmer systems (X. Reynafarje, S. Siura, K. Pérez)
Assessing the impacts of a donor-funded agricultural extension service on smallholders in Umzimkhulu, South Africa (A. Thom, N. Jonas)
Importance of indigenous food crops in tropical Africa: case study (G.N. Pichop, M. Abukutsa-Onyango, A. Noorani, R. Nono-Womdim)
Empowering a community to conserve tropical fruit trees by the utilization of their products and agro-tourism (M. Issarakraisila, H. Lamers, M.C. Yoovatana, S. Somsri)

ISBN-13: 9789462611412

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