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XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): International Symposium on Plant Breeding in Horticulture

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Conveners   N. Onus, A. Currie 
Editors   N. Onus, A. Currie 
25 November 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-39-9 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   83 
Place   Brisbane, Australia 
Online articles:
Progress in bambara groundnut research in Ghana: breeding, agronomy and utilization (H. Adu-Dapaah, J.N. Berchie, S. Amoah, J.K. Addo, M. Akuamoah-Boateng)
Breeding polyploid hop cultivars for New Zealand conditions (R.A Beatson, P.A. Alspach, M.J. Stephens, E.J. Buck, P.M. Datson, A.R. Ferguson)
A breeding strategy for South African indigenous herbal teas (C. Bester, M.E. Joubert, E. Joubert)
Apple breeding for tree architecture in Bulgaria: spindle and Solaxe trees (V. Dzhuvinov, S. Gandev, A. Matova)
Apple breeding programs at Hirosaki University, Japan: yellow skin, red flesh, and large size (K. Matsumoto, H. Maeda, T. Fujita, S. Sato, Y. Shiozaki)
Breeding peaches for low-chill in So Paulo State, Brazil (G.R. Sobierajski, I.C.F. Harder, D. Xavier, C.O. Anoni)
Breeding "sweet oranges" at the USDA U.S. Horticultural Research Laboratory (E. Stover, R. Driggers, C.J. Hearn, J. Bai, E. Baldwin, T.G. McCollum, D.G. Hall)
Overview of the Australian macadamia industry breeding program (B. Topp, C.M. Hardner, J. Neal, A. Kelly, D. Russell, C. McConchie, P. O'Hare)
Tropical Hibiscus sabdariffa fruit breeding (T.W. Zimmerman, C. Montilla, K.M. Emanuel)
Genetics of resistance to blue mould in apple: inoculation-based screening, transcriptomics and biochemistry (M. Ahmadi-Afzadi, K. Rumpunen, J.P. Renou, M. Orsel, S. Pelletier, M. Bruneau, A. Ekholm, I. Tahir, H. Nybom)
Plum selections with total resistance to leaf scald (Xylella fastidiosa) (M.A. Dalb, E.D. Bruna, R.O. Nodari, L. Saifert)
Resistance of rootstocks to grapevine decline and dieback in southern Brazil (M.A. Dalb, C.J. Arioli, M. Lopes da Silva)
Genetic improvement of okra cultivars for Yellow vein mosaic virus disease resistance using a wild Abelmoschus species (S.K. Dhankhar)
Approaches for evaluation of resistance to European canker (Neonectria ditissima) in apple (L. Garkava-Gustavsson, M. Ghasemkhani, A. Zborowska, J.-E. Englund, M. Lateur, E. van de Weg)
Breeding citrus rootstocks to mitigate Huanglongbing (HLB, or citrus greening disease) (J.W. Grosser, F.G. Gmitter, W.S. Castle)
Screening for tolerance to anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) of shallot (Allium ascalonicum) genotypes (I.M. Hidayat, I. Sulastrini)
Breeding a landrace of capsicum pepper in Yeongyang, 'Subicho', for resistance to Phytophthora capsici (B.S. Kim, M.I. Siddique, H. Mo, H. Yoo, K.P.P. Wai, K.S. Jang, J. Hwang, S. Jeon)
Apple breeding for resistance to the aphids Dysaphis plantaginea and Aphis pomi in Bulgaria (H. Kutinkova, V. Dzhuvinov)
SNP analysis for anthracnose resistance in Capsicum spp. (O. Mongkolporn, P. Mahasuk, D. Struss)
Pre-breeding for future challenges in Nordic apples: susceptibility to fruit tree canker and storage diseases (H. Nybom, D. Ren, S. Karhu, L. Garkava-Gustavsson, I. Tahir, T. Haikonen, K. Ren, M. Ahmadi-Afzadi, M. Ghasemkhani, J. Sehic, S.-H. Hjeltnes)
Development of a glasshouse bioassay suitable for evaluating Fusarium wilt resistance in strawberry (M.L. Paynter, M.E. Herrington)
Evaluation of Turkish melon accessions for resistance to Fusarium wilt, downy mildew, powdery mildew, Cucumber mosaic virus and Zucchini yellow mosaic virus (I. Solmaz, N. Sari, C. Dogimont, M. Pitrat)
Studies on improvement of 'West Coast Tall' cultivar of coconut for yield and resistance to root (wilt) disease through recurrent selection (R.J. Thomas, M. Shareefa, R.V. Nair, P.M. Jacob, M. Sasikala, M.K. Rajesh, A. Karun)
Identification of resistance to bacterial wilt and verticillium wilt in different eggplant rootstock germplasm using quantitative genetic analysis (W. Yu, Y. Yang, N. Sun, H. Wei, L. Huang, Y. Mou, H. Zhang, Z. Zhao)
Comparative diversity analysis of southeastern Rubus germplasm through molecular and pedigree techniques (C.M. Bradish, E. Overbaugh, J. Ballington, G.E. Fernandez, N.V. Bassil)
Factors affecting microspore embryogenesis in Petunia (M. Chaar, I. Pinker, M. Bhme)
Inheritance data: an important aid to the citrus breeder for fruit internal quality improvement (N.K. Combrink, Z. Bijzet, A.D. Sippel, M. Booyse)
Testing female fertility in mandarin orange with controlled manual cross-pollinations (R.B. Cronje, C.F. Human, N.K. Combrink, J.G.J. Maritz, I.M. Ratlapane, C. Petzer, M. Schaffner)
Estimating breeding parameters in a New Zealand blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum L.) breeding programme (A.J. Currie, P.A. Alspach)
Development of efficient transformation systems for functional genomic research in apple (H. Dai, W. Li, Z. Zhang)
New genetic tools to improve citrus fruit quality and drive consumer demand (F.G. Gmitter, C. Chen, X. Wei, Y. Yu, Q. Yu)
Breeding objective for strawberry in subtropical southeast Queensland (M.E. Herrington, C.M. Hardner, M. Wegener, L.L. Woolcock, M.J. Dieters)
Selection for root morphological traits improves the growth of grafted bell pepper (N.H. Mohd Nor, R. Fujinuma, N.W. Menzies, S. Harper, D. McGrath)
Fast-tracking kiwifruit breeding through mutagenesis (R. Pathirana, S. Deroles, K. Hoeata, M. Montefiori, J. Tyson, T. Wang, P.M. Datson, R.P. Hellens)
Better cultivars faster – identification of interspecific blueberry hybrids using SSR markers (R. Pathirana, C. Wiedow, S. Pathirana, C. Norling, E. Morgan, J. Scalzo, T. Frew, G. Timmerman‑Vaughan)
Effect of various stratification regimes on seed germination in cold-hardy garden roses (P. Sandhu, R. Conev)
Improving the selection efficiency in potato breeding (A.T. Slater, N.O.I. Cogan, B.C. Rodoni, B.J. Hayes, J.W. Forster)
Contribution of high-resolution remotely sensed thermal-infrared imagery to high-throughput field phenotyping of an apple progeny submitted to water constraints (N. Virlet, D. Gmez-Candn, V. Lebourgeois, S. Martinez, A. Jolivot, P.. Lauri, E. Costes, S. Labb, J.L. Regnard)
Inheritance of the 'bud bloomer' trait in Calluna vulgaris (A. Behrend, A. Hohe)
Development of a qPCR detection procedure for fruit tree canker caused by Neonectria ditissima (M. Ghasemkhani, A. Zborowska, L. Garkava-Gustavsson, A. Holefors, R. Scheper, K. Everett, H. Nybom)
Molecular marker-assisted cell engineering and citrus improvement (Wen-Wu Guo, Kai-Dong Xie, Bei-Bei Zheng, Shu-Ming Wang, Yan-Ni Fang, Qiang Xu, Xiu‑Xin Deng)
Study of differences in Hsp70 expression in lettuce with different heat tolerance under heat stress and indicator for evaluating heat resistance of lettuce (Y.Y. Han, Y.B. Li, Z.Z. Zhao, S.X. Fan, C.J. Liu)
Reconstructing relationship matrices from dense SNP arrays for the prediction of genetic potential in unreplicated multilocation plantings of apple progeny (C.M. Hardner, S. Kumar, C.M. Peace, J. Luby, K.M. Evans)
Molecular tools for improved productivity in Queensland plum orchards (L. Ko, D. Russell, B. Goodrich, R. Berecry, B. Topp)
Target-directed gene-editing approach for developing a new horticultural crop (G.J. Lee, B.K. Kanth, S.J. Chung, S.J. Kim, S. Bae)
Comparative analysis of fruit quality and microRNAs in a cultivated strawberry white-flesh mutant and its wild type (H. Li, Z. Zhang, H. Dai, Y. Liu, Y. Ma, D. Wu)
Identification of SRAP markers linked to the restorer gene of CMS7311 in heading Chinese cabbage [Brassica rapa L. subsp. pekinensis (Lour.) Olsson] (X. Xu, Y. Zhang, M. Hui, M. Zhang, L. Zhang, Z. Fang)
Performance of recent vegetable soybean, introduced from AVRDC, in northern Vietnam (N.T.L. Huong, T.K. Quang, T.V. Lai, N.T. Nham, T.V. Nghiep)
Composition and variability of precursors of vitamin A in pumpkin accessions for biofortification breeding (D.J.H. Silva, I. Lima Neto, F.M. Sobreira, P.C.S. Carneiro, P.C. Stringheta)
Genotyping and phenotyping heat tolerance in black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis L.) (C.M. Bradish, J.M. Bushakra, M. Dossett, N.V. Bassil, C.E. Finn, G.E. Fernandez)
Monitoring races of Bremia lactucae in the State of So Paulo from 2003 to 2012 (L.T. Braz, G.M.M. Diniz, R. Castoldi, R.C. Nunes, F.S. Galatti, M. Camargo, M.V. Marin, T. Dalpian, J.O. Souza, R.F. Gomes, H.O. Rabelo)
Identification and study of useful germplasm resources for tomato breeding (P.M. Brezeanu, C. Brezeanu, S. Ambarus, M. Calin, T.O. Cristea, E. Draghici)
Assessment of a segregating population for the improvement of drought tolerance in Bambara groundnut (H.H. Chai, F. Massawe, S. Mayes)
'TDARES 9911F': a heat-tolerant leafy radish line (W.L. Chen, D.M. Yeh, H.F. Lo, W.J. Yang)
Gaining a better understanding of ornamental eucalypts (K. Delaporte, C. Collins, M. Wirthensohn, J. Rigden)
Flower morphology of Nashi pear in regions of intermediate and high chilling units in southern Brazil (I.D. Faoro, A.I. Orth)
Expanding genetic diversity of the South African litchi germplasm collection to promote plant improvement (I.J. Froneman, D. Nonyane, A. Severn-Ellis, R.B. Cronje, A.D. Sippel)
Evaluation of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) genotypes for phosphorus use efficiency (S. Gyan Ansah, H. Adu-Dapaah, F. Kumaga, V. Gracen, F.K. Nartey)
Screening and identification of lettuce germplasm for tolerance to high and low temperature (Y.Y. Han, Y.B. Li, S.X. Fan, C.J. Liu, J.H. Hao, Q.J. Chen, J. Dong)
Some changes in mutant Crocus plants (G. Haspolat, B. Kunter, M.E. Ozzambak)
Yield and pomological characteristics under Adana ecological conditions of some clementine mandarins derived from selection in Turkey (M. Incesu, . Tuzcu, T. Yesiloglu, B. Cimen, B. Yilmaz)
Dissimilarity based on morphological characterization and evaluation of pollen viability and in vitro germination in Passiflora hybrids and backcrosses (O.N. Jesus, T.L. Soares, E.J. Oliveira, T.C.P. Santos, D.H. Farias, C.H. Bruckner, Q.S. Novaes)
Morphological classification of Chinese old roses using numerical taxonomy (J. Bai, Y. Kong, L. Lang, H. Pan, Q. Zhang)
A new pumpkin cultivar 'Stripe pepo' with hull-less seed and short internodes (D. Kami, K. Ito, K. Sugiyama, T. Muro, M. Morishita, Y. Noguchi)
Introducing the new crop vegetable chayote [Sechium edule (Jacq.) Swartz.] into Korea for climate change (C.H. Kim, D. Son, K.C. Seong, S.C. Kim, C.K. Lim, E.Y. Song)
Floral scent composition of nine Oriental Trumpet hybrid lilies (Y. Kong, L. Lang, J. Bai, X. Dou, N. Wang)
Production and characterization of interspecific hybrids between tuber mustard (Brassica juncea) and red cabbage (Brassica oleracea) through embryo culture (J.X. Li, L.L. Rao, L.P. Chen)
Screening new melon (Cucumis melo) cultivars from international seed companies for Australian markets (D.S. Loch, C.M. Zorin, B.R. Skinner)
Locational yield evaluation of five sweet potato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.] cultivars in the humid tropics of southeastern Nigeria (H.A. Okorie, N.C. Ohazurike, T.C. Njoku)
Sweet acorn squash, a new vegetable on the Israeli market (H.S. Paris, D. Godinger)
'Mihwang', a Korean selection of loquat (Eriobotrya japonica), and its commercialization (Y. Park, H. Cho, J. Cho, E. Park)
Development and popularization of a new cultivar of processing tomato (M.G. Patil, S.S. Patil, A.R. Kurubar, K. Kandpal)
Morphoagronomic characterization of 49 Capsicum sp. accessions for breeding selection purposes (R. Pertuz, M. Matteo, S. Contreras, M.T. Pino, C. Blanco, G. Saavedra)
Morphological and genetic characterization of indeterminate green bean genotypes having different seed coat color collected from Turkey (N. Sari, I. Solmaz, O. Simsek, Y. Aka Kacar)
Characterization and agronomic traits of some mini watermelon lines (N. Sari, I. Solmaz, G. Tarim, M. Gocmen, I. Simsek)
Yield performance and stability of new promising chilli genotypes in different agro-ecological environments in Malaysia (O. Suhana, R. Melor, A.F. Norfadzilah)
A new later-maturing peach cultivar, 'Qiumihong' (B. Tan, X.B. Zheng, X. Ye, J.D. Li, J.C. Feng)
Study concerning the variability of the main climbing bean characteristics under the environmental conditions of south-eastern Romania (E. Teodorescu)
The ecological provenance of phenotypic and genotypic variation in mustard [Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. & Coss.] accessions in Sri Lanka (S.R. Weerakoon, S. Somaratne, P.K.D. Peiris, O.V.D.S.J. Weerasena)
Investigation of seedlings of beach plum and selection of superior individuals (W.L. Wu, H.Y. Yang, X.M. Wang, W.L. Li)
Three new apricot cultivars from the BAAFS (Beijing, China) breeding program (L. Yang, H.Y. Sun, J.H. Zhang, F.C. Jiang, Y.Z. Wang)
New floral crops in China (Q. Zhang, L. Luo, H. Pan, M. Sun, T. Cheng, J. Wang, M. Cai)
Genetic diversity in 'Xianlajiao' pepper (Capsicum annuum var. annuum) in China (Z.L. Zhao, G.P. Wu, N.L. Xu)

ISBN-13: 9789462611399

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