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XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): International Symposia on Abscission Processes in Horticulture and Non-Destructive Assessment of Fruit Attributes

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Conveners   S. Meir, J. Roberts, J.N. Wünsche, T.J. Tranbarger, G. Costa, K.B. Walsh 
Editors   J.N. Wünsche, T.J. Tranbarger 
20 June 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-17-7 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   45 
Place   Brisbane, Australia 
Online articles:
Managing fruit abscission in apple (T.L. Robinson, A.N. Lakso, D. Greene, G. Reginato, A. De R. Rufato)
The photosynthesis inhibitor Metamitron is an effective fruitlet thinner for 'Gala' apple in the warm climate of Israel (R.A. Stern)
Efficacy of lime sulphur alone and in combination with olive oil on blossom thinning in organically grown 'Cripps Pink' and 'Gala' apples (M.M. Alrashedi, Z. Singh)
Post-bloom thinning with 6-benzyladenine improves apple fruit quality (S.A. Bound)
The action of aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG) on apple ('Maxi Gala') leaf abscission in plants infected by Glomerella leaf spot (Colletotrichum gloesporioides) (G. de A. Meyer, L. Rufato, R.M.V. Sanhueza, A. De R. Rufato)
Does the rootstock affect alternate bearing of apple tree? (D. Kviklys, A. Čeidaitė, J. Lanauskas, N. Uselis, G. Samuolienė)
Does carbohydrate availability play a role in sweet cherry fruitlet abscission? (J.E. Jones, E. Mertes, D.C. Close)
Effect of environment on citrus fruit abscission and maturation (H. Khefifi, F.R. Tadeo, R. Selmane, M. Ben Mimoun, R. Morillon, F. Luro)
Secondary abscission zones: understanding the molecular mechanisms triggering stylar abscission in citrus (L.H. Estornell, M.D. Gómez, M.A. Pérez-Amador, M. Talón, F.R. Tadeo)
Proposed physiological mechanism of mango fruitlet abscission (M.H. Hagemann, P. Winterhagen, M.G. Roemer, M. Hegele, J.N. Wünsche)
β-glucanase and polygalacturonase activities are different in longkong (Lansium domesticum Corr.) fruit at two separation positions (P. Taesakul, J. Siriphanich)
Uapaca kirkiana phenological phases and effect of fruit thinning on fruit traits in Malawi (S.A. Mng'omba, G. Sileshi, B.I. Nyoka)
A phenotypic test for delay of abscission and non-abscission oil palm fruit and validation by abscission marker gene expression analysis (K. Fooyontphanich, F. Morcillo, P. Amblard, M. Collin, C. Jantasuriyarat, J.-L. Verdeil, S. Tangphatsornruang, T.J. Tranbarger)
Postharvest needle abscission responses of balsam fir (Abies balsamea L.) to foliar application of naphthalene acetic acid (R.R. Lada, A. Thiagarajan, A. Havard)
Physiology of postharvest needle abscission in balsam fir: water quality modulates postharvest needle abscission (R.R. Lada, M.T. MacDonald, R.R. West)
Status and future of magnetic resonance imaging sensors for in-line assessment and sorting of fruit (M.J. McCarthy, L. Zhang, K.L. McCarthy, T. Coulthard)
Development of an optical coherence tomography image analysis method to characterise cellular structure of kiwifruit (M. Li, A.R. East, J.A. Heyes, P. Verboven, B. Nicolaї, A. Buchsbaum)
Non-destructive quantification of pomegranate internal quality structures using X-ray computed tomography (L.S. Magwaza, U.L. Opara)
Detection of attribute XXX in fruit YYY using NIRS (K.B. Walsh)
Non-destructive assessment of pulp colour in mangoes by time-resolved reflectance spectroscopy: problems and solutions (A. Rizzolo, M. Vanoli, L. Spinelli, A. Torricelli)
The impact of lamp environment on prediction of peach TSS content (C.J. Hayes, K.B. Walsh, C.V. Greensill)
Comparison of firmness meters for measuring 'Hass' avocado fruit firmness (M. Mazhar, D. Joyce, A. Lisle, R. Collins, P. Hofman)
Non-destructive determination of fruit maturity by a resonant vibration technique (N. Sakurai, S. Terasaki, H. Akimoto)
Automated online detection of granulation in oranges using X-ray radiographs (M. Van Dael, E. Herremans, V. Verboven, U.L. Opara, B. Nicolaď, S. Lebotsa)
The estimation of the health status of plants and fruit by fluorescence approaches: a short review (R. Valcke)
Evaluation of fringe projection as a method to provide information about horticultural product surfaces (A.R. East, C. Bloomfield, X. Trejo Araya, J.A. Heyes)
Fruit maturity affects fruit quality and bioactive compound accumulation in peach (K. Gasic, A. Abdelghafar, G. Reighard, J. Windham, M. Ognjanov)
The evolution of spectrophotometers used in fruit quality assessment (K.B. Walsh)
Spectrophotometer aging and prediction of total soluble solids (U.K. Acharya, P.P. Subedi, K.B. Walsh)
Fruit internal defect sorting: rejection makes the rest the best (B.P. Khatiwada, K.B. Walsh, P.P. Subedi)
Applying non-destructive sensors to improve fresh fruit consumer satisfaction and increase consumption (C.H. Crisosto, G.M. Crisosto, J.R. Bermejo)
Non-destructive maturity assessment of 'Empire' apples treated with preharvest inhibitors of ethylene perception and production with a delta absorbance (DA) meter (F.C. Doerflinger, J.F. Nock, Y. Al Shoffe, X. Shao, C.B. Watkins)
Influence of crop load and canopy position on fruit maturity and quality in nectarine (A. Ceccarelli, G. Costa, D. Stefanelli, J. Lopresti, B. Tomkins)
Visible spectroscopy IAD measures in apple: impact of stress and shading on maturity indexing (P.M.A. Toivonen, C. Lu, B. Lannard)
Non-destructive analysis of α-farnesene and conjugated trienols in apples using near-infrared spectroscopy (D. Eisenstecken, A. Zanella, C.W. Huck, S. Stürz, P. Robatscher, M. Oberhuber)
Discrimination between Myrciaria jaboticaba ('Sabará') and Myrciaria cauliflora ('Açú') fruit using CIE colour parameters and near-infrared spectroscopy (T.B. Morgenstern, L.C. Cunha Júnior, N.C.T. Mariani, V. Nardini, G.H.A. Teixeira)
Estimation of fruit maturation and ripening using spectral indices (U.K. Acharya, P.P. Subedi, K.B. Walsh, W.B. McGlasson)
In-field monitoring of mango fruit dry matter for maturity estimation (K.B. Walsh, P.P. Subedi)
Comparison between an acoustic firmness sensor and a near-infrared spectrometer in segregation of kiwifruit for storage potential (J. Feng, M. Wohlers, S.R. Olsson, A. White, V.A. McGlone, R.J. Seelye, D. Tanner, F. Bollen)
Decision support systems using models of fruit quality variability (R.B. Jordan, M.P.F. Loeffen)
Vanilla content evaluation in cured bean by near-infrared technique (T. Wongsheree, R. Rittiron, C. Wongs-Aree, T. Thongtheing)
Carotenoid content and pulp colour non-destructively measured by time-resolved reflectance spectroscopy in different cultivars of Brazilian mangoes (M. Vanoli, A. Rizzolo, L. Spinelli, S. Azzollini, A. Torricelli)
Study of tomato maturity using nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry and imaging (L. Zhang, K.L. McCarthy, M.J. McCarthy)
Using the soluble solids accumulation in tomatoes from fruit setting until harvest for the construction of a predictive model by hand-held NIR Spectroscopy (C. Camps, L. Deltheil, C. Gilli, C. Carlen)
Use of non-destructive devices to support pre- and postharvest fruit management (G. Costa, S. Vidoni, L. Rocchi)

ISBN-13: 9789462611177

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