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XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): IV International Symposium on Tropical Wines and International Symposium on Grape and Wine Production in Diverse Regions

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Conveners   P.E. Read, G.E. Pereira 
Editor   P.E. Read 
31 March 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-10-8 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   40 
Place   Brisbane, Australia 
Online articles:
Grape and wine production in diverse regions (P.E. Read)
The Northern Grapes Project: integrating viticulture, enology, and marketing of new cold-hardy wine grape cultivars in the Midwest and Northeast United States (T.E. Martinson, A.K. Mansfield, J.J. Luby, W.C. Gartner, M. Dharmadhikari, P. Domoto)
Evaluation of cold-hardy grape cultivars for North Dakota and the North Dakota State University germplasm enhancement project (H.M. Hatterman-Valenti, C.P. Auwarter, J.E. Stenger)
Sixteen years of cold-climate cultivar evaluation (P.E. Read, S.J. Gamet)
Increasing economic and environmental sustainability of table grapes using high tunnel advanced production (M.E. Garcia, D.A. Dickey, S.D. Frey, D.T. Johnson)
Evaluation of seasonal water use and crop coefficients for ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’ grapevines as the base for skilled regulated deficit irrigation (S. Munitz, A. Schwartz, Y. Netzer)
Role of stomata density in the water use of grapevines (A. Montoro, R. López-Urrea, E. Fereres)
The application of precision breeding (PB) for crop improvement is fully consistent with the plant life cycle: the utility of PB for grapevine (D.J. Gray, Z.T. Li, N.L. Grant, D.A. Dean, R.N. Trigiano, S.A. Dhekney)
Evaluation of plant-based reporter systems for improvement of cold-hardy grape cultivars (R. Kandel, M. Dutt, J.W. Grosser, D.J. Gray, Z.T. Li, V. Sitther, D.R. Bergey, S.A. Dhekney)
Radiological and micro-analytical study of Melnik fine wine (I. Tringovska, D. Tonev, A. Damjanova, T. Grigorov, N. Gutev, H. Protohristov, N. Kovachev)
The use of a portable robotic sparkling wine pourer and image analysis to assess wine quality in a fast and accurate manner (B. Lima, S. Fuentes, M. Caron, S. Needs, K. Howell)
Growing Pierce's disease resistant 87.5% V. vinifera grapes in Alabama (E.D. Coneva)
Strategies for conservation of endangered wild grapevine (Vitis vinifera L. subsp. sylvestris (C.C. Gmel.) Hegi) (F. Carimi, A. Carra, B. Panis, R. Pathirana)
Effects of modifying root temperature in field grown ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’ on carbohydrate reserve dynamics and vine development (B.P. Holzapfel, J.P. Smith, D.H. Greer, G. Dunn, J. Hardie)
Root growth during postharvest irrigation of warm-climate grapevines (K. Maihemuti, J.P. Smith, S.Y. Rogiers, B.P. Holzapfel, Y. Guisard)
The response of commercially managed, field grown, grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.) to a simulated future climate consisting of elevated CO2 in combination with elevated air temperature (E.J. Edwards, D.J. Unwin, K.J. Sommer, M.O. Downey, M. Mollah)
A comparison of the phenology, berry ripening and canopy temperatures of four common grapevine cultivars in response to high temperatures (D.H. Greer, C. Weston)
The interaction of temperature and light on yield and berry composition of Vitis vinifera ‘Shiraz’ under field conditions (S.K. Abeysinghe, D.H. Greer, S.Y. Rogiers)
Leaf area to fruit weight ratios for maximising grape berry weight, sugar concentration and anthocyanin content during ripening (I. Auzmendi, B.P. Holzapfel)
Vine and soil determinants of ‘Semillon’ berry composition (S.Y. Rogiers, D.H. Greer, S.J. Clarke, S. Sicard)
Grape harvest time and processing method can be used to manipulate ‘Sauvignon Blanc’ wine style (C.H. Grose, D.J. Martin, L. Stuart, A. Albright, A.R.G. McLachlan)
The performance of 'Sauvignon Blanc' on five grapevine rootstocks in a Marlborough vineyard (S.M. Neal, A.P. Friend, M.C.T. Trought, A.R.G. McLachlan)
The effects of different tillage methods on mineral substance of raisins in organic grape growing (F. Ateş, A. Ünal, E. Cakir, A. Yağcı)
Endogenous abscisic acid, anthocyanin and sugar syntheses in delayed-start cultured grapes under double cropping cultivation system irradiated by blue and red-LED at night (A. Rodyoung, Y. Masuda, K. Okawa, H. Ohara, S. Kondo)
Challenges from off-target herbicide incidents (P.E. Read, S.J. Gamet)
Effects of temperature and water stress on the virulence of Botryosphaeriaceae spp. causing dieback of grapevines and their predicted distribution using CLIMEX in Australia (Y. Qiu, C.C. Steel, G.J. Ash, S. Savocchia)
HORTIVAR database as a shared framework for grapevine watching worldwide (S. Ramazzotti, D. Gasperi, L. Herzigova, R. Nono-Womdim, W. Baudoin)
The Nordic Light Terroir (L. Nordmark, J. Lindén, C. Skjöldebrand, H. Hansson)
New developments in tropical viticulture under monsoon climate (W.W. Schaefer)
Viticultural performance of Italian grapevines in high altitude regions of Santa Catarina State, Brazil (L.I. Malinovski, A.F. Brighenti, M. Borghezan, M.P. Guerra, A.L. Silva, D. Porro, M. Stefanini, H.J. Vieira)
Damage to ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’ after late frost in the southern Brazilian highlands (J.L. Marcon Filho, R. Allebrandt, B. de Bem, P.I. Mudrei, T.A. Macedo, C. Schlemper, S. Lerin, M. Outemane, A.A. Kretzschmar, L. Rufato)
Abscisic acid applications increases color in grapes and juice of ‘Isabel’ (L. Rufato, S. Lerin, R. Allebrandt, A.F. Fagherazzi, A.E. Mario, C.E. Boff, A.A. Kretzschmar)
Effect of gibberellic acid and forchlorfenuron
(N-(2-chloro-4-pyridyl)-N'-phenylurea) on growth and quality of 'Marroo Seedless' grape (K. Kittiwatsopon, P. Karintanyakit)
Application of abscisic acid increases the colour of ‘Rubi’ grape berries in Southern Brazil (A.A. Kretzschmar, S. Lerin, A.F. Fagherazzi, A.E. Mario, F.E.A. Bastos, R. Allebrandt, L. Rufato)
Gradual release of growth regulators for a delay in budding and growth of 'Chardonnay' and 'Pinot Gris' in Southern Brazil (G. de A. Meyer, J. Talamini, M.E. Bueno, L. Rufato, A.A. Kretzschmar, A. De R. Rufato)
Growth regulators improve bunch and berry characteristics in 'Niagara Rosada' grape (I.T. Guerios, F. Chiarotti, F.L. Cuquel, L.A. Biasi)
Woody cuttings of 'Niagara Branca' and 'Niagara Rosada' rustic grapes (J. Saavedra del Aguila, A. Zanella, A.D. Pinheiro, A.M. dos Santos, E.B. Radmann, L.S. Heiffig-del Aguila)
Moderate dehydration of 'Syrah' grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) for winemaking (W.A. Santiago, D.G. Figueredo, R.C.R. Tinini, B.J. Teruel)
Characterisation of some mushroom and earthy off-flavours found in wine made from ripe rot affected grapes (N. Sadoughi, J.W. Blackman, C.C. Steel, L.M. Schmidtke)
Management of bunch rot diseases of grapes in sub-tropical vineyards in Australia (C.C. Steel, S. Savocchia, L.A. Greer)

ISBN-13: 9789462611108

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