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XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): International Symposium on Nut Crops

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Conveners   M. Wirthensohn, C. Ross 
Editor   M. Wirthensohn 
23 February 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-03-0 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   43 
Place   Brisbane, Australia 
Online articles:
Consumer attitudes to nuts in the marketplace (D.L. McNeil)
Factors affecting shelf life of South African macadamias (M.G. Penter, I. Bertling, A.D. Sippel)
Maturity indices of Canarium indicum (Burseraceae) nuts (D.A. Walton, B.W. Randall, M. Poienou, J. Moxon, H.M. Wallace)
Establishing quality parameters for Australian walnuts (K.J. Evans, D.L. McNeil, C. Jack, M.D. Lang)
Lipid profiles of a diverse collection of Corylus species and interspecific hybrids (M. Muehlbauer, T. Villani, J. Simon, H. Juliani, T. Molnar)
Kernel breakage in the 'Beaumont' macadamia cultivar (M.G. Penter, I. Bertling, A.D. Sippel)
A roasting study for the tropical nut Canarium indicum (Burseraceae) (D.A. Walton, B.W. Randall, M. Poienou, J. Moxon, H.M. Wallace)
Winter oil application in Australian pistachio production (J. Zhang, T. Ranford)
Evaluation of Pistacia vera 'Pete I' yield characteristics (C. Allan, C.H. Crisosto, T. Michailides, G.S. Brar, L. Ferguson)
Carbohydrate sources for macadamia shoot development (S. Karimaei, J. Hanan)
More from less? – Efficient water use for macadamias (R.A. Stephenson, C. Searle)
A model of macadamia with application to pruning in orchards (N. White, J. Hanan)
Effect of MnSO4 soil applications on photosynthetic performance and nutrient content of young chestnut trees (W.G. Fan, J.P. Chen, H.Q. Yang)
Soil-applied zinc-EDTA: photosynthesis in 'Wichita' pecan grown on an alkaline and calcareous soil (R.J. Heerema, J.L. Walworth)
Effect of plant growth regulators applied during budbreak on pecan nut yield (H. Núñez-Moreno, A. Márquez-Cervantes, G. Martínez-Díaz, J. Grageda-Grageda)
Grafting mature unproductive black walnut trees to improved cultivars demonstrates horticultural and economic feasibility in Missouri, USA (A.L. Thomas, J.T. Prindle)
Evaluation of seed soaking times on germination percentage, germination rate and growth characteristics of pistachio seedlings (A. Esmaeilpour, P. Van Damme)
Variation of relative water content, water use efficiency and stomatal density during drought stress and subsequent recovery in pistachio cultivars (Pistacia vera L.) (A. Esmaeilpour, M.-C. Van Labeke, P. Van Damme, R. Samson)
Soil-applied zinc-EDTA: growth and nutrient acquisition of non-bearing pecan grown on an alkaline and calcareous soil (J.L. Walworth, R.J. Heerema)
Tissue culture production of hazelnut – disinfestation and impact of agar content (R.S. Tegg, S. Bhandari, D.L. McNeil, C.R. Wilson)
Improving the bud take rate in conventional patch budding of Persian walnut by applying a paste of the DKW semi-solid medium enriched with plant growth regulators (J. Ezan, E. Hadavi, S.M. Miri)
Foliar sprays based on malic acid, citric acid and potassium sulfate improve several qualitative and quantitative traits of pistachio nuts (A. Saboory, E. Hadavi, A. Imani)
'Abnormal vertical growth': a disorder threatening the viability of the Australian macadamia industry (P. O¿Farrell, D. Le Lagadec, C. Searle)
Wood base biochar alters inorganic N (S. Hosseini Bai, C.-Y. Xu, Z.H. Xu, T.J. Blumfield, H.M. Wallace, D.A. Walton, B.W. Randall, L. Van Zwieten)
Behaviour of scion-rootstock combinations of pistachio under Mediterranean climate (M. Ghrab, A. Chelli-Chaabouni, M. Ben Mimoun)
Trial demonstrations, observations and measurements in mature macadamia plantations on the Alstonville Plateau (D.B. Gourlay, J.P. King, C. Watson, N. Watson)
New almond selections with high tocopherol concentration (Y. Zhu, Y.Ch. Lim, M. Wirthensohn)
Selection of the tropical nut Canarium indicum for early fruiting, nut-in-shell size and kernel size (B.W. Randall, D.A. Walton, E.L. Grant, P. Zekele, B. Gua, R. Pauku, H.M. Wallace)
SNP analysis of Macadamia integrifolia chloroplast genomes to determine the genetic structure of wild populations (A.A. Ahmad Termizi, C.M. Hardner, J. Batley, C.J. Nock, S. Hayashi, J.D. Montenegro, D. Edwards)
Preliminary evaluation of macadamia rootstocks for yield and tree height (J.M. Neal, A. Kelly, C.M. Hardner, C. McConchie, B.L. Topp)
Assessing nut germination protocols for macadamia cultivar 'Beaumont' (J.M. Neal, D.M. Russell, J. Giles, B.L. Topp)
Variation of cutting rooting ability in cultivated and wild species of Macadamia (D.M. Russell, J.M. Neal, R. Mayer, D. Bell, B.L. Topp)
Soil health management is a precursor to sustainable control of Phytophthora in macadamia (O.A. Akinsanmi, A. Drenth)
Fruit abscission in macadamia due to husk spot disease (O.A. Akinsanmi, A.K. Miles, A. Drenth)
Understanding infection of pistachio by Colletotrichum acutatum (B.H. Hall, S.J. Pederick, S.F. McKay)
Birds and bats as biological control agents in macadamia: how distant we are? Implications of the shift in arthropod communities across a spatial gradient (E. Crisol, K.R. Wormington, P.H. Brown)
Sustainable control of husk spot of macadamia by cultural practices (O.A. Akinsanmi, A. Drenth)
Disease management strategy for macadamia quick decline (L.M. Keith, L.S. Sugiyama, T.K. Matsumoto, M.A. Nagao)
The partial characterization of Ilarviruses infecting Prunus species in Australia (W. Kinoti, K. Plummer, F. Constable, N. Nancarrow, B. Rodoni)
Almond diseases and disorders (C. Gouk)
Life after endosulfan, the Australian macadamia experience (C.D.A. Maddox, R.K. Huwer, I.M. Purdue, D. Robertson, J. Bright, M. Dawes)
Walnut blight disease development on Guangxi walnuts (D.L. McNeil)
Statistical forecasting of the Australian macadamia crop (D.G. Mayer, R.A. Stephenson)

ISBN-13: 9789462611030

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