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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1104

XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): International Symposium on Ornamental Horticulture in the Global Greenhouse

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Conveners   R.A. Criley, V. Loges, D.M. Marcsik, E. Morgan, M. Serek 
Editor   R.A. Criley 
1 December 2015 
ISBN   978-94-62610-90-3 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   75 
Place   Brisbane, Australia 
Online articles:
Past progress and future potential for research of Australian natives and Proteaceae (A. Gerber)
Phosphorus-restriction as a potential technique to control Impatiens stem elongation (A. Justice, J.E. Faust)
Evaluation of morphological and chemical composition of seed geranium ‘Florever Deep Red’ F1 grown in substrate containing municipal sewage sludge and potato pulp (A. Zawadzińska, P. Salachna, J. Wilas)
Sunflowers drive acid dissolution of rock phosphate when banded with ammonium zeolite (R. Fujinuma, M. Hunter, N. Menzies)
The effects of pH and phosphorus concentrations on the growth potential of medicinal Salvia chamelaeagnea in hydroponic cultivation (K. Lefever, C.P. Laubscher, P.A. Ndakidemi)
Evaluation of water saving practices for myrtle pot plant production (M. Militello, G. Talluto, G. Gugliuzza)
Effects of salinity and irrigation management on Poinsettia (M.P.N. Gent, W.H. Elmer, K. Macherla, R.J. McAvoy)
Automating irrigation scheduling in production nurseries using a weight-based irrigation controller (D.S. Hunt, J. McDonald)
Influence of soilless substrates on irrigation frequency and plant growth of Leucospermum (H.J. Kim, L. Chen, M.H. Kim, K.W. Leonhardt)
Performance of gerbera cultivars under naturally ventilated poly house (S.R. Patil, B.S. Kulkarni)
Effect of photoperiod on growth, flowering, yield and quality of chrysanthemum cultivars under northern dry zone of Karnataka (S.B. Parit, B.S. Kulkarni, S.R. Patil)
Effect of Glomous mosseae inoculation on growth and flower quality of zinnia bedding plants under different drought levels (J. Nazarideljou, Z. Heidari, H. Hamedan Jaberian)
Development and evaluation of bioplastic containers for sustainable greenhouse and nursery production (J.A. Schrader, K.G. McCabe, G. Srinivasan, K. Haubrich, D. Grewell, S. Madbouly, W.R. Graves)
Non-destructive leaf area estimation in Myrtus communis plants (G. Gugliuzza, G. Fascella, M.M. Mammano, M. Militello)
Vegetative growth of rose flower in cocopeat and soil in Naivasha, Kenya (N.C. Ketter, W. Kariuki, J.M. Wesonga, A. Elings, F. Hoogerwerf)
Flurprimidol preplant corm soaks or drenches affect potted gladiolus production (I. Ahmad, B.E. Whipker, J.M. Dole)
Effects of pruning and plant growth regulators on branching and growth of azalea (G. Bi, M. Gu)
The effect of chitosan coating of bulbs on the growth and flowering of Ornithogalum saundersiae (P. Salachna, J. Wilas, A. Zawadzińska)
Research challenges in geophyte science: from basic science to sustainable production (R. Kamenetsky, H. Gude, G.A. Chastagner, H. Okubo)
Control of shoot elongation and hormone physiology in poinsettia by light quality provided by light emitting diodes – a minireview (M.A. Islam, H.R. Gislerød, S. Torre, J.E. Olsen)
The stock plant irradiance environment influences stem breakage of flowering poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) (J.E. Faust, E. Will, P.C. Korczynski)
Diverse growth and sylleptic branching patterns in Japanese maple cultivars (K.A. Funnell, A.N. Seleznyova, R. Kaji, J. Chen, S. Manandhar, D.J. Woolley)
New strategies for induction of compact growth in Kalanchoë flowering potted plants (J.M. Gargul, H. Mibus, M. Serek)
The relevance of shoots in the formation of crown buds in gentian (Y. Wang, D.J. Woolley, K.A. Funnell, E.R. Morgan, J.R. Eason)
Investigating the role of strigolactones in control of shoot branching in cultivars of Zantedeschia (S. Manandhar, D.J. Woolley, K.A. Funnell)
High temperature affects flowering time and flowering shoot morphology differently in poinsettia (H.B. Pemberton, R. Kobayashi, W. Roberson)
Response of poinsettias to dynamic temperature integration with pre-morning and early morning temperature drop and root zone heating (X. Hao, J.M. Zheng, C. Little)
Low temperature diminishes the photoperiodic flowering response of three petunia cultivars (T. Vaid, E.S. Runkle)
Effects of vernalization on flowering of Dianthus barbatus (L. Dall'Agnese, C. Petry, R.A. Bellé, F.A.L. Backes, N.T. Schwab, L.B. Girard)
Aerial environment and light quality during production affect postharvest transpiration of ornamentals (L.E. Arve, M.T. Terfa, A. Suthaparan, M.S. Poudel, H.R. Gislerød, J.E. Olsen, S. Torre)
Night-break lighting treatment improves the growth quality of lisianthus (Eustoma grandiflorum) in Taiwan ( Chen Yen Hua, Tsai Wao Yu)
Photoperiod affects morphology, flower productivity and photosynthesis of forced potted Paeonia lactiflora in greenhouses (J. Han, G.J. Huang, T. Wu, X.M. Sun, Yan Liu, R.F. Gao)
Rooting of ornamental cuttings affected by spectral light quality (A. Christiaens, M.C. Van Labeke, B. Gobin, J. Van Huylenbroeck)
The use of natural polysaccharides in Eucomis autumnalis propagation by twin-scale cuttings (P. Salachna, A. Zawadzińska, J. Wilas)
Challenges in domesticating and propagating Jarrah forest geophytes for revegetation and ornamental horticulture (D. Willyams)
In vitro regeneration of Exacum trinervium (S. Tennakoon, S.E. Peiris, J.P. Eeswara)
In vitro encapsulation technique for conservation of Dendrobium friedericksianum (P. Sukhumpinij, N. Chanasit)
In vitro colchicine induction of tetraploids in Pelargonium rapaceum (P. Sukhumpinij, M. Inada, K. Hondo, F. Kakihara)
Protective effect of reducing cryotube volume on Lilium lancifolium and Euonymus fortunei shoot tips survival after cryopreservation by vitrification (Xu Jin, Liu Yan, Li Bingling, Liu Qian, Shi Yin, Jia Mengxue, Shen Chen)
Postharvest performance - essential for keeping distant customers satisfied (J.R. Eason, K.A. Funnell, E.R. Morgan)
Use of calcium chloride in postharvest treatment of Alstroemeria cut flowers (V.C. Galati, K.M. Marques, A.C.C. Muniz, J.P. Silva, J.E.R. Guimarães, C.F.M. Mattiuz, B.H. Mattiuz)
Are pectolytic bacteria isolated from cut Acacia stems responsible for reduced vase life? (V.G. Williamson)
Ethylene extends the vase life of Dodonaea 'Dana' cut branches: possible mechanisms (I. Shtein, S. Meir, Y. Shahar-Ivanov, Y. Perzelan, S. Philosoph-Hadas, J. Riov)
Xylem plugging and postharvest longevity of cut Acacia holosericea (K. Ratnayake, D.C. Joyce, R.I. Webb)
Pre- and postharvest studies on Sandersonia × gloriosa 'Firelight' (SG84) (I. Ahmad, J.M. Dole, G.E. Clark, K.A. Funnell)
Optimal postharvest handling protocols for cut stems of 'Sovereign' African marigold (Tagetes erecta) (I. Ahmad, J.M. Dole)
Quantitative proteomic investigation on the effect of 1-methylcyclopropene treatments on postharvest quality of selected cut flowers (J. Song, L. Fan, T. Hughes, L. Palmer Campbell, L. Li, X.H. Li)
Visual selection and mannose selection in chrysanthemum safe transgenic engineering (Yike Gao, Ye Wang, Shaochuan Shi, Qixiang Zhang)
EIN3-binding F-box proteins identified from petunia corollas using RNA-seq (S.R. Broderick, M.L. Jones)
Control of anthocyanin pigmentation during flower development in Cymbidium orchid (D.H. Lewis, L. Wang, H.M. Ngo, H.S. Arathoon, M.R. Boase, H. Zhang, N.W. Albert, K.M. Davies, K.E. Schwinn)
Development of complementary techniques applied to Hydrangea hybridizations (B. Nesi, S. Lazzereschi, S. Pecchioli, S. Pacifici, A.G. Venturieri, G. Burchi)
Germplasm characterization for Phlox, Rudbeckia and Coreopsis: determination of genome size by flow cytometry (P. Jourdan, P. Zale, S. Stieve)
Effect of anthocyanin profile and petal pH on flower coloration in evergreen azalea (A. Nakatsuka, M. Hitomi, M. Tsuma, A. Ito, D. Mizuta, N. Kobayashi)
Spathe pH for color engineering of anthurium (P.J. Toves, T.D. Amore, M.M.M. Fitch, X. He, C. Martin, R.A. Criley)
HTFL1-marker assisted breeding in the improvement of reblooming daylily (L. Zhu, H.Y. Jia, Yike Gao, Qixiang Zhang)
Breeding for Biotic Stress Resistance in Rhododendron simsii (J. Van Huylenbroeck, E. Calsyn, E. De Keyser, G. Luypaert)
Western flower thrips management in greenhouse production systems in the 21st century: alternative strategies need to be considered (R.A. Cloyd)
Improving knowledge on thrips diversity and ecology in French greenhouses: inputs of barcoding approaches for a better pest management (A. Bout, A. Marchand, M. Ziegler, M. Disdier, P. Reynaud, F. Robert, D. Crochard, J. Pizzol, N. Ris, T. Malausa)
Differences between the physiological disorders of intumescences and edemata (K.A. Williams, J.K. Craver, C.T. Miller, N. Rud, M.B. Kirkham)
Preemergence herbicide control of Benghal dayflower produced from subterranean flower seeds sown at four depths (R.H. Stamps)
How can the growth of infant floriculture industry in Papua New Guinea be enhanced? (C. Gwabu, D. Benny, S. Wei)
Factors influencing the growth of the floriculture industry in the monsoonal tropics of the Northern Territory, Australia (J. Gorman, A.B. Cunningham, S. Wei, D.M. Marcsik, M.D. Hoult)
Developing underutilised endemic flora – a simple model for selecting potential species and overcoming key technical constraints (M.D. Hoult, D.M. Marcsik, M.M. Traynor)
Alpinia to ZingiberZingiberales in commercial floriculture (R.A. Criley)
On farm Heliconia cut flower selection in Pernambuco – Brazil (V. Loges, M.C.F. Texeira, S.S.L. Silva, P.G.P. Lago, S.A.C.G. da Silva, T.L.DEA. Lima, A.C.R. de Castro)
Substrates affect irrigation frequency and plant growth of potted orchids (J. Lichty, P. Singleton, H.J. Kim)
The effect of controlled-release fertilizer on potted-flowering hybrid Curcuma growth (D.M. Marcsik, M.D. Hoult, M.M. Traynor)
Comparisons of nutrient status between regular season and off-season cropping of Curcuma alismatifolia Gagnep. (S. Ruamrungsri, P. Hongpakdee)
Taming the wild Sturt's desert pea (G.C. Kirby)
Cultivars of Euphorbia pulcherrima from Mexico (M.T. Colinas, A. Espinosa, J. Mejia, M.A. Rodríguez, M.L. Pérez, I. Alia-Tejacal)
Temperature affects seed germination of native Australian Gomphrena and Ptilotus species differently (C.J. Currey, R.G. Lopez, R.L. Cave, D.K. Harrison, M.E. Johnston)
Light use efficiency and flower quality of Heliconia stricta in coconut based cropping system (K. Nihad, V. Krishnakumar)
Evaluation of native Brazilian Paspalum germplasm as lawn for landscaping purpose (A.C.R. de Castro, C.A.K. Taniguchi, F.H.D. de Souza, T.F. Silva, F.B. Café, F.A.S. Aragão, V. Loges)
Ornamental potential, sustainable use and some aspects of the marketing of Mexican cycads (Zamiaceae) (E. Salomé-Castañeda, Y. Mayett-Moreno, M.I. Barajas-Domínguez, A.P. Vovides)
Maytenus ilicifolia – a plant with many possibilities (S.Z. Fischer, E.R.T. Stumpf, M.P. Mariot)

ISBN-13: 9789462610903

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