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XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): XVII International Symposium on Horticultural Economics and Management and V International Symposium on Improving the Performance of Supply Chains in the Transitional Economies

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Conveners   Oppenheim, Batt 
Editor   Batt 
1 October 2015 
ISBN   978-94-62610-91-0 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   41 
Place   Brisbane, Australia 
Online articles:
Supply chain losses of vegetables in Central Philippines (A. Acedo, L.M. Gonzales, A. Valida, A. Salabao, M. Benitez, E. Sudaria, F.R. Rivera, J. Ekman)
Examining preparedness of food actors for value chain development: a vegetable chain case study (R.P. Adhikari)
Valuing the Australian lifestyle horticulture industry (D.E. Aldous, D.S. Loch, R. Prince)
Performance indicators for the peach palm supply chain (L.C. Anefalos, V.A. Modolo, M.L.S. Tucci, E.J. Fuzitani)
Consumer concerns and responses to the safety of vegetables in Queensland, Australia (A. Ariyawardana, K.R. Ganegodage)
Assessing vegetable cropping patterns in upland areas of Indonesia (I.W. Arsanti, M.H. Böhme)
Potential for enhanced relationships signalled by changes to health and safety laws: better food safety, integrity and quality (W.D. Atkinson)
Linking smallholder vegetable producers to high value markets: challenges, experiences and lessons from marketing clusters in the Southern Philippines (R.H. Bacus, R.R. Real, S.B. Concepcion, M.O. Montiflor, R.T. Aguinaldo)
The early bird catches the worm? An experiment on chance and risks of earliness in asparagus production and marketing (S. Balling, D. Hege, K. Sparke)
How do consumers differentiate between fresh food stores (P.J. Batt)
The New Zealand sustainability dashboard: connecting growers, industry, consumers, regulators and policy makers to drive sustainable horticulture (J. Benge, A. Barber, K. McCusker, I. Le Quellec, J. Manhire, L. Hunt, H. Moller, C. Rosin, C.J. MacLeod)
Foodborne illness and media coverage: case study of the German E. coli outbreak in 2011 (V. Bitsch, N. Koković, M. Rombach)
A feasibility study for a new wholesale fresh produce market in Port Moresby (L.B. Bonney, P. Shantapriyan, P. Muscat, M. Worinu)
System assessment of organic living mulch for cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L. var. botrytis) cropping systems (S. Canali, G. Campanelli, C. Ciaccia, F. Tittarelli, F. Bavec, P. von Fragstein, G. Burgio, L. Ortolani, H.L. Kristensen)
Factors influencing consumer’s decision to purchase fresh potatoes in Malaysia (N. Chamhuri, P.J. Batt)
Barriers to market orientation in Australian vertically-integrated horticultural enterprises (P.R. Currey, S. Somogyi, A. Ariyawardana)
Analysing the factors affecting the profitability of vegetable farmer clusters in Southern Philippines (E.J.N. Ebarle, J.M.P. Sarmiento, R.T. Aguinaldo, S.B. Concepcion, M.O. Montiflor, R.R. Real, R.H. Bacus)
Marketing organisations: what traditional value chain analysis does not tell you (A.J. Essa)
Strategic options for a potato market in decline – lessons from two Swedish studies (F. Fernqvist)
Business growth expectations of the environmental horticulture sector: on the way to recovery after the financial crisis (W.J. Florkowski, A.M. Klepacka, S. Fu, S.K. Braman)
A direct sale model for fresh vegetables based on a dual channel price game model in China (Q. Gao, C.G. Li)
Effects of structural change and international trade on profitability of apple production in Europe and South Africa (H. Garming, K. Strohm, W. Dirksmeyer)
Risk management in fruit and vegetable production in Germany (A. Hartwich, M. Gandorfer, V. Bitsch)
A conceptual model of socially responsible business practices on supply chain relationships in organic fresh produce supply chains (J. Jacob-John, N.K. Veerapa)
Status of food safety management activities in fresh produce companies in the European Union and beyond (K. Kirezieva, P.A. Luning, L. Jacxsens, M. Uyttendaele)
Changes in fruit consumption preferences in EU countries: the example of Poland (A.M. Klepacka, W.J. Florkowski, T. Meng)
Social and institutional factors influencing industry-driven area-wide fruit fly management in Australian horticultural industries (H.P. Kruger)
Compost addition to polluted soils to ensure fruit and vegetable safety (M. Lesueur-Jannoyer, F. Clostre, P. Fernandes, T. Woignier)
Typical cauliflower production systems in Germany (T. Lindemann, W. Dirksmeyer)
Adapting the fruit supply chain for e-commerce (R.M. McDonald, K.R. Sharrock)
Job characteristics and employee well-being: a test of Warr's vitamin model in German horticulture (S. Meyerding)
Assessment of postharvest practices and loss of vegetables marketed in selected regions of Ghana (N. Nenguwo, V. Afari-Sefa, J. d'A. Hughes )
Non-attractiveness of modern supply chains (E. Obeth, P.J. Batt, B. Butler)
Total cost assessment of greenhouse tomato production in Zacatecas, Mexico (L.E. Padilla-Bernal, A. Lara-Herrera, E. Reyes-Rivas, J.R. González-Hernández)
Technical efficiency of smallholders' traditional African vegetable production in Tanzania: a stochastic frontier approach (S. Rajendran, V. Afari-Sefa, R.F. Kessy, K.D. Karanja, R. Musebe, S. Samali, M. Makaranga)
Cluster marketing experience for fruit and vegetable producers in Analamanga Region, Madagascar (V. Raharinaivo, F. Razafindriaka, S. Ramananarivo, Y. Rabemanantsoa, J. Razafiarijaona, R. Ramananarivo)
How do we motivate the consumer to eat more nutrient rich fruit and vegetables? (R. Rekhy, R. McConchie)
Risk preference and risk perception of apple producers in Germany – development of a measurement concept (M. Röhrig, B. Hardeweg)
Enhancing global competitiveness for fresh produce retail shops in India: investigating consumers perceptions and opportunities (B. Singh, I. Yadav)
Impact of domestic resource costs on the competitiveness of Turkish table grape production (H. Uysal)
Reforming the approach to the analysis of value chains (G.S. Vinning, D.W. Doolan)

ISBN-13: 9789462610910

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