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XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): IV International Symposium on Plant Genetic Resources

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Conveners   H. Jaenicke, S.E. Ashmore, M.E. Dulloo, L. Guarino, M. Taylor 
Editors   H. Jaenicke, S.E. Ashmore, M.E. Dulloo, L. Guarino, M. Taylor 
30 September 2015 
ISBN   978-94-62610-87-3 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   31 
Place   Brisbane, Australia 
Online articles:
Conservation and availability of plant genetic diversity: innovative strategies and technologies (M.E. Dulloo)
Biodiversity and conservation of wild small fruit species for a sustainable environment (S.C. Debnath, D. Percival, Y.L. Siow)
Current status of coffee genetic resources: implications for conservation – case study in Madagascar (S. Krishnan, T.A. Ranker, A.P. Davis, J.-J. Rakotomalala)
Facilitating access to resilient crop diversity in the Pacific (V.S. Tuia, L.M. Waqainabete, A.C. Sukal, A.S. Shandil, U. Lutu, S. Baiculacula, S. Cakaunitavuki, R.L. Prasad, U. Daveta, S. Halavatau)
Investigations on ex situ conservation of selected Australian palms (T. Racule, N. Nand, R.A. Drew, S.E. Ashmore)
Conservation of citrus germplasm: an international survey (M.L. Roose, F.G. Gmitter, R.F. Lee, K.E. Hummer)
Management of citrus genetic resources in India: approaches, applications and achievements (S.K. Malik, R. Chaudhury, I.P. Singh)
Assessing temporal variation in crop wild relative genetic diversity based on past collecting missions (I. Thormann, M.E. Dulloo)
Maximising the value of seed collections for horticulture and conservation (G. Errington, C.A. Offord, C. Catterall)
An informal network of grafting experts to help the communities to conserve and utilize wild-aromatic pickle-mango (Mangifera indica) diversity in the Central Western Ghats, India (R. Vasudeva, B.M.C. Reddy, B. Sthapit, V. Ramanatha Rao)
On-farm conservation of tropical fruit tree diversity: roles and motivations of custodian farmers and emerging threats and challenges (B. Sthapit, R. Vasudeva, S. Rajan, P. Sripinta, B.M.C. Reddy, I.W. Arsanti, S. Idris, H. Lamers, V. Ramanatha Rao)
Ex situ conservation techniques for Australian rainforest species (K.D. Sommerville, C.A. Offord)
In situ conservation of fruit crops in the territory of the Czech Republic (F. Paprstein, J. Sedlak, V. Holubec)
Cryopreservation of sugarcane by V cryoplate (T. Rafique, S. Yamamoto, K. Fukui, T. Niino)
Optimizing the utilization of plant genetic resources for climatic changes adaptation in the Pacific: the need for a new approach (V. Lebot)
Diversity for sustaining livelihoods: examples, constraints and lessons learnt (M. Taylor, H. Jaenicke, D. Hunter, A. McGregor, G. Lyons)
Modelling the productivity of underutilised crops for climate resilience (A.S. Karunaratne, S.N. Azam-Ali, S. Walker, A. Ruane)
Upland tea tree, an underexplored resource in the domestication of Melaleuca alternifolia (M. Shepherd, R. Wood, C. Raymond, T. Rose, P. Entwistle, G. Baker)
Viruses and their impact on the utilization of plant genetic resources in the Pacific (A.C. Sukal, M. Taylor, V.S. Tuia)
Resistance of wild Lactuca genetic resources to diseases and pests, and their exploitation in lettuce breeding (A. Lebeda, E. Křístková, M. Kitner, B. Mieslerová, M. Jemelková, D.A.C. Pink)
Patterns of diversity and drivers of on-farm/in situ conservation of native mango varieties in the Central Western Ghats, India (R. Vasudeva, V. Bhat, G.V. Nayak, B. Sthapit, V. Ramanatha Rao)
Status of global strategies for horticultural fruit crops (K.E. Hummer, H. Dempewolf, P. Bramel, R. Markham, E. Stover)
DNA marker-assisted identification of Prunus accessions (J. Sehic, H. Nybom, S.-H. Hjeltnes, F. Gasi)
Micropropagation of breadfruit (A. altilis) enhanced using a bioreactor system (A.S. Shandil, V.S. Tuia)
Reaching back through the domestication bottleneck: tapping wild plant biodiversity for crop improvement (H. Dempewolf, L. Guarino)
The tomato collection maintained by AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center: composition, germplasm dissemination and use in breeding (A.W. Ebert, Y.-Y. Chou)
Analysis of the chloroplast genome of a coffee relative from northern Australia (T. Cooper, A. Furtado, R.J. Henry, D. Crayn)
Exploring the domestication of Bambara groundnut (N.S. Ahmad, H.H. Chai, S. Basu, E. Sri Redjeki, J. Moreton, K. Mayes, W.K. Ho, F. Massawe, S. Mayes)
Wild citrus in Oceania: harnessing the diversity (S.E. Ashmore)
Vaccinium species ploidy assessment (K.E. Hummer, N.V. Bassil, H.P. Rodríquez Armenta, J.W. Olmstead)
Harnessing the diversity of wild relatives of tropical fruit tree species for sustainable livelihoods (B. Sthapit, R. Vasudeva, S. Idris, S. Changtragoon, P. Roongrattanakul, S. Limpiyaprapant, W. Winarno, V. Ramanatha Rao)

ISBN-13: 9789462610873

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